Dutch digital government adopts open ICT standards

Dutch digital government adopts open ICT standards

Published on: 18/10/2022

On World Standards Day 2022 the Forum Standaardisatie has been advising Dutch government on mandatory and recommended use of open ICT standards for 16 years. In this time span, the Forum increased the awareness and adoption of open ICT standards that are critical to a secure, interoperable and vendor independent digital government. Digital services, systems and infrastructure of the Dutch government now commonly build upon open standards such as https and DNSSEC.

Forum Standaardisatie works as an independent advisory board to the Dutch digital government, and is made up of around 20 members from all layers of government, the private sector and academia. The Forum maintains a 'comply or explain' list of open ICT standards that public organisations must acquire and deploy wherever applicable in projects with an ICT budget of over 50,000 Euros. It also monitors the use of open ICT standards in public services and tenders, and helps governmental organisations deploy them. On European level, Forum Standaardisatie contributes to Interoperable Europe and the Multi Stakeholder Forum on ICT Standardisation.

As Larissa Zegveld, general director of Kennisnet and chairwoman of the Forum Standaardisatie, puts it:

"Over the past 16 years, Forum Standaardisatie has made a difference in making Dutch digital government more secure, interoperable and vendor independent through the use of open ICT standards."