MOA-SPSS-3.1.1 3.1.1

5 years ago

In MOA-SPSS 3.1.x most of the underlying signature verification libraries were exchanged to support form validation of CAdES, XAdES, PAdES and ASiC signatures with MOA-SPSS. The certificate store format is different from version 3.0.0 onwards, but is automatically converted to the new format. In case of a failed update, administrators should create a backup of the currently used certificate store. 


Changes from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1:

  • New PAdES compatibility flag in CreateCMSSignatureRequest
  • Fix possible thread looking during certificate validation
  • Log optimisation
  • Stability improvements

Release package:

  • "": SHA1 checksum: 66b90a80e407e3df427be99c9bf8f185e1dd5499
  • "moa-spss-3.1.1.war": SHA1 checksum: 07afdb4704b273f9c248e585779489124ec83dbc
  • "": SHA1 checksum: 8d4b88e989d9acb5e13bc46a4ce91764e284e695
  • "": SHA1 checksum: 1e04c1b3571272b0aa4bb0db4f87c3fc80788eee