MOA-SPSS 3.2.0

Latest release
1 year ago

Since MOA-SPSS 3.1.x most of the underlying signature verification libraries were exchanged to support form validation of CAdES, XAdES, PAdES and ASiC signatures with MOA-SPSS. The certificate store format is different from version 3.0.0 onwards, but is automatically converted to the new format. In case of a failed update, administrators should create a backup of the currently used certificate store.

Changes from 3.1.4 to 3.2.0:

  • Change to JaxB API v3.0
  • Change logger implementation from log4j to logback
  • Improved TSL implementation
  • Stability improvements
  • Third-party lib's updated

Release package:

  • "": SHA256 checksum: c546cf9f0c8e0bfedf9c1e2c7f9c0880bd48df4083e18fc5230b38d4d254c0f9
  • "": SHA256 checksum: 0611b9f111f127bf7931a56c287eb8108a4d7435eb7ea077f4e8af57b13804a5
  • "": SHA256 checksum: 14ced809075edab3d45cf0af1fc7908aea7547f9914852966b1f8ad58dcf9c2c