moa-zs 1.1.0-RC1 1.0.0

14 years ago

------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 1.1.0-RC1 - 14/Nov/2008 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ - Default country code AT for postaladdress if not set in request - New Element <Server> in request. If present, no delivery head query will be performed. - Demo-mode - if set, no delivery requests are sent to delivery server - Configuration can now be set by using JVM system variable "moazs.configuration" - Added IAIK trust store - Added support for PKCS#12 key stores - Updated SZR (Stammzahlenregister) access. New client 3.80 is now used. - Migration from Hibernate 2.x to 3.2 - Automatic table generation support by Hibernate 3.2 - Support for Derby database (local file system) is now provided by default - Mimetypes check for documents to be delivered against delivery head result - A list with preferred delivery servers can now be provided - Log4j instead of java.util.logging - Schema validation of request (made optional via schema.validation config parameter) - Optimized error handling - Bugfix DefaultMailBody Encoding und Newlines