Cannot activate Card/Signature PIN: card operation failed, reason: <general card error> (errnr 6)

Published on: 15/04/2010

As described in

I cannot activate the card/signature PIN with a ReinerSCT cyberJack pinpad under Linux with the following Reiner drivers:


I can click on 'activate' and it will tell me to enter the pin and confirm. Then I type the PIN on the pad. On windows, mocca will display each typed number with a dot in the GUI, on Linux it doesn't. As soon as I press 'OK' I get an error. I also tried a-trust basic with the same outcome. The logfiles show the following:

[13.04 15:36:45.943] [INFO]: Logging started Tue Apr 13 15:36:45 CEST 2010
[13.04 15:36:53.980] [DEBUG]: [card] activating card pin
[13.04 15:37:02.800] [DEBUG]: [card] card operation failed, reason: <general card error> (errnr 6)

OS: Ubuntu Linux 9.10 amd64
CardReader: cyberJack pinpad
Treiber: ifd-cyberjack2_3.3.5-1ubuntu9.10_amd64.deb

ProductMOCCA Online
Operating SystemLinux
ResolutionWon't Fix




Anonymous (not verified)
Thu, 15/04/2010 - 10:07

This seems to be an A-Trust BKU related problem. Please contact A-Trust ( Note: If you intend to use MOCCA, you don't need CT-API. MOCCA relies on PCSC (apt-get install pcsclite-dev)

Anonymous (not verified)
Thu, 15/04/2010 - 10:39

Hi Clemens, The bug report is actually about mocca, otherwise I would not have posted it here :-). I just wanted to add that the problem is present with the a-trust BKU as well. Could you please reopen? Cheers, Florian

Anonymous (not verified)
Thu, 15/04/2010 - 11:30

Please attach a MOCCA log (either java console output from applet or ~/.mocca/logs/webstart.log) and the exact name and version (firmware!) of your Reiner SCT CyberJack. See the "Reiner cyberJack device manager" utility program under Info: e.g. cyberjack pinpad (a) USB 01, Prod.Ref V. 3.0.12 - Driver 6.0.2

Anonymous (not verified)
Mon, 19/04/2010 - 09:34

Hi Clemens, My mocca log is attached, the exception is clearly visible: at.gv.egiz.smcc.SignatureCardException: CHANGE REFERENCE DATA failed. SW=6a80 I have determined the firmware revision with a Windows XP VM, it is a "cyberJack pinpad (a) USB 01" with "Prod.Ref V. 3.0.12 - Treiber: V. 6.0.2" firmware. Cheers, Florian