pos option not working in PDF-AS cl 3.2

Published on: 23/06/2013

Since PDF-AS cl 3.3 is not available for download, this issue was found in the most recent available version (PDF-AS cl 3.2)!


According to page 16 of the enclosed documentation "PDF-AS-3.2-Anwendungsbeschreibung.pdf" the default value for the pos option is:

-pos x:auto;y:auto;w:auto;p:auto;f:0

Therefore the following two commands should be equivalent:

pdf-as.bat -mode sign -sigmode textual -connector bku -pos x:auto;y:auto;w:auto;p:auto;f:0 test.pdf

pdf-as.bat -mode sign -sigmode textual -connector bku test.pdf

Nevertheless the result is different with the enclosed test.pdf: whereas the first alternative applies the signature block on the last existing page, the second alternative appends an empty page with the signature block only.


Is there a workaround available for placing the signature block on a particular page (p-subparameter) with the default behavior of placing it on the free area on this page?


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