About Open e-TrustEx

Exchange files in a secure way

  • with end-users via eTrustEx Web;
  • or machine-to-machine via eTrustEx Node.

eTrustEx is an open-source platform offered to Public Administrations at European, national and regional level to set up secure exchange of digital structured and unstructured documents between end-users or system-to-system.

It allows Public Administrations to replace paper documents or files stored on DVDs and CDs by fast and secure online file transfer, using a technologically advanced platform.

Why use eTrustEx?

  • Reusable and customisable cross-sector and open-source platform
  • It uses standardised messaging protocols and interfaces (interoperable)
  • It ensures a secure and trusted exchange of data/documents (integrity, authenticity, confidentiality)
  • Users can send files up to 5 GB (up to 500 documents of and up to 100MB per file)
  • It is proven and tested: eTrustEx has been used by the European Commission since 2009.

What are the benefits for your Public Administration?

eTrustEx helps you to:

  • Switch from expensive registered post to large scale digital exchange of information. This will lead to cost savings and reduced time-to-market.
  • Digitise and secure the exchange of information within your organisation and with other stakeholders across Europe. This will increase the efficiency of your business processes and transparency.
  • Re-use and share lessons learnt, specifications, tools and components.

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European Commission / DG Informatics (DIGIT) - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA²)
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Interoperable European Solution


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