ECDL and DigComp: Describing, Developing and Certifying Digital Competence

Published on: 02/05/2017

We live in an increasingly digital world where people work, socialise, and receive public and private services online. Having insufficient digital skills is likely to have a negative impact on people’s employability and life quality. EU data shows that 169 million Europeans and 86 million people in the EU labour force have insufficient digital skills.

In order to understand what the key elements of digital competence are and how to assess it, the European Commission developed a Digital Competence Framework for Citizens – DigComp. ECDL Foundation’s new brochure on DigComp explains what the framework is, how it works, and how ECDL relates to it.

ECDL Foundation has carried out an exercise of mapping the ECDL programme to DigComp, which has been identified as an implementation example by Joint Research Centre (JRC).

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