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eQSF - European Quality Framework for ICT in Learning (eQSF)

Published on: 26/11/2010

Information and Communication Technology (ICT) plays an increasing role in education and learning. Research shows that ICT has a great potential to significantly increase learning outcomes for students. The majority of education and training providers already use some form of ICT in teaching. However, there is evidence that many education and training providers use ICT in an ad-hoc rather than strategic way that does not necessarily add quality to the learning experience for learners or worse, may even be detrimental to it.

eQSF is a new Quality Standards Framework for the use of ICT in learning that aims to ensure that ICT in learning and education is being explored to its full potential. eQSF supports training and education providers in a process of assessing, reviewing and improving the way they make use of information technology in their work.

eQSF Quality Standards

eQSF consists of 13 interrelated standards across three different pillars that were developed and tested by training and education providers across four different Member States in a European project funded under the European Commission Lifelong Learning Programme.

Project Resources

eQSF project partners have developed a range of useful tools that support an organisation during the eQSF process.

The User Guide explains the different quality standards and directs organisations through the implementation process. The User Guide is available as an Online Tool that allows organisations to do their self-assessment and planning online.

In addition, the following resources are available on the eQSF Website:

- Implementation Guidelines
- Case Studies
- Templates
- Podcasts

Policy Context

The strategic framework for this project is the European Union Lifelong Learning Programme.

Description of target users and groups

The project targets education and training providers who aim to improve the way they use ICT in teaching.

Lessons learnt

Project partners highlighted the following lessons learnt:

  • eQSF provides a useful mechanism for conducting a process of self review. The process involves a commitment both in terms of time and effort and will only work within an organisation if management support is provided for course teams to enable them to reflect on their current approach.
  • If an organisation already employs some method of review, eQSF should be embedded within this process in order to make the existing process better, rather than being seen as something else that has to be completed.
Scope: Pan-European