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Published on: 30/06/2008
Last update: 12/09/2008
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The aim of this booklet is to offer to anyone working in the field of eLearning a range of ideas and practical suggestions for ways to ensure that the knowledge society is within the reach of all citizens, overcoming the factors which marginalize some sectors of society.

The material contained in this project is the fruit of an 18 month collaboration between seven partner organisations from Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom in a project entitled ‘Innovative Approaches for a Full Inclusion in eLearning’ (i-AFIEL), funded through the European Commission’s “eLearning Programme”.

This first section of the guidelines introduces the Programme, the Partnership and the overall i-AFIEL Project. The second section presents the outcomes from synchronized workshops organized in Spain, Italy and the UK, online debates, and the methodology designed to assess innovation in eLearning projects, as well as the application of the i-AFIEL methodology on the selected eLearning projects. Finally, the third section discusses innovation and inclusion in eLearning not only in relation to this project but also to each partner’s experience with specific target audience groups or other singularities with wider application. The document concludes with lessons learnt, a set of recommendations and prioritised action points that, in the project partners’ view, should be taken into consideration for achieving innovation and inclusion in eLearning.

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