The VDAB eLearning programme (Webleren)

Published on: 27/07/2005
The first developments of ICT-based learning date from 1995 and they resulted in CD-ROM packages that were offered to the trainees. In 1999, the VDAB decided to offer those packages on the internet: eLearning. To be flexible is one of the requirements of a vocational training provider. Each individual is different and has different way of learning. This can cause problems to which conventional training methods do not always have adequate answers. ELearning can be a flexible answer to those problems. Each learning process is happening within a learning environment. One of the main features of eLearning is that all elements of the learning environment are online and that they are interactive. - Mix of theory and practice - Online testing - Communication between the trainees and the online coach ELearning offers an effective learning method that functions as a perfect alternative to the classical group learning. - the student gets feedback of the coach and other trainees - the content of course is well defined and yet the trainee can match his learning need in a flexible way. - the student gets structured tasks - the student can test his knowledge online and can adapt himself accordingly - the student takes the decisions on his learning course , and this as well content wise as physical (when, where and how) - the student is following his own way of learning within the well defined course - the student starts where his foreknowledge ends The VDAB has a great deal of experience in the fields of technology, concept and content and is about to integrate eLearning in the total offer of vocational training courses: blended learning. This will function as a support to as well individual learning as group learning. For a username and password, please contact

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