websiteatschool 0.90.1 0.90.1

11 years ago

Website@School release 0.90.1 (2011-03-09)

As usual this release contains two variants of the developer archive (which contain the full source code): 7bab9741ff35b9d1994b1f207bbd0d7f *websiteatschool-devel-0.90.1.tar.gz c7fb46e896269c3372c31a1c638a7138 * There are also two variants of the installation archive: 90126bb971f31b96ad32be9beb6ad64d *websiteatschool-0.90.1.tar.gz 3b1f3aac9e91f892734bba30b38b3360 * It is up to you to download either the .ZIP-file or the tarball. If you want to upgrade your existing installation (based on release 0.90.0), you should take the following steps. 1. Unpack the new installation archive in the same place (the CMS Root Folder) as you did the last time with the previous release. 2. Login using admin.php 3. Go to Tools | Update Manager 4. Follow all 'Update' links in the Status column until every status is OK 5. Your CMS-installation is now up to date.

Highlights of release 0.90.1 (2011-03-09): * incorporated the Spanish translation * Update Manager is now fully functional * better synchronisation with (English) manual for context-sensitive help * changes throughout the code reflecting the move to a new home (from to See the file CHANGES.txt in the program directory for full details.