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The eGovernment community will continue to provide news, events and relevant studies.

The eGovernment community covers all aspects of Internet use to deliver government information and services. The community aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery in the public sector.

Topics covered by this community include key eGoverment policies, and large-scale pilot projects on the interoperability of electronic procurement systems and the pan-European recognition of electronic identities. The community is also looking at ways to make legislation processes understandable to everyone and to stimulate user involvement based on social networking and Web2.0 type tools.

The eGovernment community provides news, events and relevant studies. The eGovernment community's factsheets - summarising progress per Member State - are now part of the NIFO community.

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European Commission / DG Informatics (DIGIT) - Interoperability solutions for public administrations, businesses and citizens (ISA²)
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