AT: Administration on the Net - The ABC guide of eGovernment Austria - September 2011

Published on: 06/09/2011
Last update: 07/09/2011

Description (short summary):
eGovernment is the application of Information and Communication Technology ICT) with the goal of strengthening and improving the quality and efficiency of public administration. Communication is made easier for citizens and businesses, costs are lowered and at the same time internal processes are sped up substantially. The quality and transparency of public services is increased considerably to the benefit of all. The term eGovernment has become synonymous of a modern state.

The Fundamentals of eGovernment document offers an overview on the Austrian eGovernment strategy, the tools it relies on and the challenges it faces. It takes a look at the scope of eGovernment and examines the success factors for introducing and establishing eGovernment services. The structure of this document lays a strong focus on the target groups for eGovernment and the information it contains is specifically organised for this purpose.

The editors of this document placed much importance on delivering legal and technical information in order to help eGovernment and users.

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