CH: Networked Public Administration - Organisational Concept for a Federal eGovernment Switzerland

Published on: 11/06/2010
Last update: 26/01/2011

Description (short summary): This study examines this phenomenon and analyses the trend towards networked administration as a contribution to the eGovernment vision for Switzerland. It provides a conceptual basis for the eGovernment Strategy Switzerland. It describes the background to developing a suitable administrative culture and is intended as a consultation paper. Much of what the study describes is implicitly incorporated into current approaches and is already being practised to some extent, but needs to be developed and discussed in greater depth.

This study provides a basis for the architecture of the eGovernment Switzerland. It also highlights how several instruments can be combined to implement the eGovernment Strategy and modernise the administrative services. It includes details of processes, process interfaces and service descriptions, etc. in the area of eGovernment. In short, all the issues which are dealt with by the specialist eCH groups and help to produce concrete results in the form of standards, best practices and resources.

The Organisational Concept for a federal eGovernment Switzerland, published in the form of a White Paper, is intended to provide a common organisational framework and basis for discussion. Developed by two leading international eGovernment experts in collaboration with a specialist from the Swiss Federal Administration, the concept has been put forward for discussion amongst a wide variety of experts from the Administration at all federal levels, along with a number of other organisations. It is aimed at all those involved or interested in eGovernment, either to provoke debate or to encourage them to include related elements in their work. The discussion may well engender additional documents and events, which would help to refine the key principles and insights, and put them to productive use.

Number of pages:
English version: 83
French version: 90
German version: 84

Nature of documentation: Policy/Strategy papers


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