Citizen centers "Bureaux d'assistance de l'etat"

Published on: 25/11/2008
Through the implementation of physical “one stop shop” citizen centers in June 2004, the Luxembourg government intended to transform the way that citizens interact with their government. The overall goal of this pilot project was to achieve a more efficient and higher quality public service while bringing the service delivery closer to the citizen consequently insuring that all groups in society, especially the socially disadvantaged, could access and benefit from government services and offerings. Luxembourg pursues a homogenous communication policy using both the internet, its physical “one stop shops” as well as over the counter services.

Policy Context

We believe in a multi-channel administration. Electronic forms as well as all web offerings ( are intended to be complementary to the traditional over the counter services. Each citizen should be able to get in touch with the administration via the means chosen: electronic mail, traditional mail or over the counter window.

Main results, benefits and impacts

The “one stop shop” citizen center is a central point of information for general inquiries and issues relating to government. The center's primary function is to answer citizen's calls for information, assist citizens with their requests for service, hand out government forms /brochures, assist with the completing of the forms and provide assistance for resolution of citizen's concerns.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

- in order to improve service delivery to citizens not all transactions necessarily have to be made available entirely online; - the demand for a convenient access to general information provided through intermediaires (our citizen centers) remains very strong; - internet offerings (e-forms, e-services) remain complementary to the physical one stop shops; Scope: National