EU: Citizen First Evaluation & Monitoring Report

Published on: 22/12/2008
Last update: 16/03/2009

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Citizen First for e-inclusion Evaluation Report  

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The original Citizen First project was extended to develop local eGovernment citizen-centric services to become more socially-inclusive. The consortium aimed to outreach its results beyond the current consortium and to make available key practical guidelines to all NWE regions, and actively participate in the Commission's 2008 eInclusion Initiative.

For the extension project, the original five partners were reduced to four: the Municipality of Ieper in Belgium did not continue with the project beyond its original end date.

The four remaining partners were:

  • The Mid-West Regional Authority - Ireland (MWRA);
  • Cambridgeshire County Council - UK (CCC);
  • The Regional Authority of Eindhoven - The Netherlands (SRE);
  • The Municipality of Kortrijk - Belgium (KORT)

This report draws together the findings of the evaluation reports of the Citizen First Pilots, which have been written up by the project partners (Appendices 3 -6) in the agreed common Citizen First case study format (Appendix 2) where the same elements are covered for each of the pilots.

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Nature of documentation: Annual report of activities


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