EU: DLR White Paper 1.0

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The concept of the Point of Single Contact is explored in detail in FOKUS’ white paper. Essential organizational and technical design options are being drawn up and the requirements necessary for the architectural framework for the service directive’s range of applications are being decided upon. Embedding these approaches in existing models for administrative portals, one-stop services, one-stop government and front and back offices is fundamentally important to the fostering of further developments.

The FOKUS white paper is the starting point for a more concrete Services Directive architecture and for implementing Points of Single Contact. In the upcoming months it will be updated: particularly in view of political guidelines for the implementation of the DLR and with regard to knowledge still to be gained via prototypic realizations with FOKUS partners. This architecture has already been arranged and partially realized by agreement for 2008 in the FOKUS eGovernment laboratory using technologies from lab partners.

The document is part of the Fraunhofer FOKUS eGovernment white paper series, which explores topics such as interoperability, process integration, eGovernment architecture etc. It is a “living document”, designed to be updated by committed eGovernment players. Those who have any comments for the white paper are invited to email their contribution to the editor Jörn von Lucke.

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