FI: Use of ICT in the Finnish Local Government 2010

Published on: 30/06/2011
Last update: 05/08/2011

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The Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities integrated the use of ICT in the local government in 1983. The last survey on the subject covered the year 2010 and presented the following main points:

The expenditure on information technology in local authorities in 2010 totaled approximately € 827 million, of which the share of local authorities was about €525 million and that of joint municipal authorities €302 million. IT accounted for about 2% of the sector's operating costs (local authorities 1.7%, joint authorities 3.4%). The expenditure shows variations ranging from 0.5 to 2.5% across local authorities, and from 0.5 to up to 5% across joint authorities. In joint authorities, close to 70% of IT expenditure was incurred by hospital districts. Social welfare and health care together accounted for about 80% of the total expenditure of joint authorities. Primary local authorities included, IT in the social welfare and health sector incurs annual costs of some €370-380 million to local authorities. The growth rate of local authority expenditure on information management has been stabilising throughout the early 2000's. The expenditure only fell during the deep recession of the 1990's, followed by a brief period of steeply rising costs. At present, the increase in expenditure is about one per cent every year.

Libraries in particular offer a comprehensive range of electronic services, and practically throughout the country it is possible to renew items on loan from the library over the Internet or with a text message from a mobile phone. In recent years comprehensive schools, too, have developed electronic services to ease cooperation between home and school. 70% of the respondents indicated that the schools offer electronic services to their clients.

Paperless meetings are being introduced especially in primary local authorities, and electronic conduct of meetings is becoming steadily, though slowly, more common. Similarly, different forms of distance participation, such as video conferences, are becoming increasingly common in services and communication as well as in administration. Electronic handling of matters also increases the pressure to improve electronic document management. In the future, there will be a need for more competence and resources in this area. Information management is at the crossroads between many different local government sectors, which imposes more demands on the skills of the personnel in the field and thus increases the need for education and competence building.

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