HU: E-Public Administration 2010 Strategy

Published on: 02/07/2008
Last update: 18/06/2010

Description (short summary):  
The present strategy covers the period 2008-2010. It aims to define a general vision of future eGovernment for all stakeholders and provide a uniform framework for the detailed objectives of development. In addition, the document defines the most important strategic factors influencing the realisation of the objectives and encompasses all those substantive areas that institutions must take into consideration when developing their own services. This strategy also defines horizontally and vertically integrated and overall programmes that form a foundation and/or foster the systemic operation of the most important elements of eGovernment, as regards the government as a whole.

The strategy has four strategic fields:

  • Modernisation of the public services for citizens, enterprises and the Public Administration.
  • Introduction of integrated services for the governmental institutions and back offices in order to promote a transparent and effective Public Administration.
  • Contribution to the spread of professional eGovernment knowledge at leadership and implementation level
  • Development of the eGovernment adaptability, especially for those disadvantaged enterprises and citizens in the area of IT.

The Strategy identifies main programmes which should be followed by the institutions while providing their own services:

  • Horizontal programmes - the set up of guidelines and framework for the institutional service development, including the content, process development and technological implementation of those services.
  • Vertical programmes - sectoral development of the 20 basic public services (12 for citizens, 8 for businesses) contained in the eGovernment benchmarking reports regularly prepared for the European Commission.
  • Integrated, shared services - to contribute to highlight parallel processes and to further cost-efficient developments and functions. Investments related to the reforms can be implemented and time-management can be improved.

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HU version: 64

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