HU: Open (source) aspects for realising an information society vision of Hungary

Published on: 16/03/2010
Last update: 17/03/2010

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This document is Hungarian Non-Governmental Organisation Inforum's 2010 strategy for Information Society in Hungary. The aspects adressed in this document are new because it places focus on quality of life and economic profit.

This document seeks to show how the distance between Hungary and other EU Member States could be reduced and the social and economical interests could be harmonised in the Information Society.

Inforum expresses in this document its opinion that the key issue of the development of the information society in Hungary is the improvement of the quality of life, and the key issue of developing the information economy is the increasing of market and profit. Fortunately these two areas are closely interrelated with each other. A primary task is to dynamically develop governmental and public administration IT systems, domestic and foreign market growth, education, and the digital inclusion of the disadvantaged social groups.

Inforum sees two development directions that may be followed by domestic IT. These two directions are related to each other, although they are built on different logics. One of them is the direction of developing the profit focused information economy and the other direction is the development of the quality-of-life focused society.

The IT development policy directions of Hungary and of the European Union are identical. However, it can be seen that Hungary needs more resources for catching up with those in the front (or at least with those, who are in the middle of the pack). It is a mistake to wait in vain for the EU to reduce its speed because of Hungary. Therefore there is nothing else left, but for Hungary to increase its speed. The tasks listed in the full report contain the efforts needed to this end.

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