The MEDIA@Komm-Transfer project (MKT)

Published on: 08/08/2005

With the MEDIA@Komm-Transfer initiative, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour intends to harmonise the development of local e-government and establish it across the country. The connection of promising local initiatives to form an inter-local e-government network facilitates the transfer of best practices and know-how. Standards are enhanced; self-organisation processes cater for a country-wide dissemination. This also includes the expansion of international contacts and co-operation to promote the digital integration of Europe. In the MEDIA@Komm-Transfer project, 20 local authorities from across the country have founded an e-government network. These so called "transfer municipalities" are in the focus of the activities whose aim is to harmonise and disseminate local e-government in Germany. To control and co-ordinate the activities in the transfer municipalities, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Labour has set up a transfer agency. For the MEDIA@Komm-Transfer initiative to be successful in the long term, a close co-operation of all project team members, the industry, and associations, as well as the involvement of the addressees of the intended egovernment solutions are very important.

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology, Open source software

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Many projects which have been initiated with MEDIA@Komm and MEDIA@Komm-Transfer is now being carried on by the participating municipalities. Also, important impulses of MEDIA@Komm-Transfer became part of the Action Programme of Deutschland-Online as well as other modernisation programmes of the German Federal Administration.

The „Innovators Club“ which is organised by theGerman Association of towns and municipalities takes care of the sustainability of the project under the name of „MEDIA@Komm-Innovation“.

As concomitant research to the MEDIA@KommTransfer project of the Federal Ministry for Economics and Technology, the section for Planning and Communication of the Applied University of Erfurt compiles scientific inputs to the thematic focus "Participation in formal planning processes".


Scope: National, Regional (sub-national)