MT: National ICT Strategy 2008-2010

Published on: 22/12/2007
Last update: 16/01/2008

Building upon the achievements of the previous ICT Strategy 2004-2006, the National ICT Strategy for Malta 2008-2010 sets out a vision for Malta by 2010, that of the ‘The Smart Island’, one of the top 10 information societies in the world. According to the vision, in the Smart Island, the application of information and communication technology will be ubiquitous, the Internet will be a social equaliser and the ICT industry will be a main pillar of the economy.

After describing the successes of the past strategy in a chapter entitled ‘State of Play’, the present document maps out the path for achieving the 2010 vision. In this light, it identifies seven streams as follows:

  • Delivering a next-generation ICT environment – An infrastructure that enables the pursuit of excellence;
  • A Connected Society that bridges the last and the news miles – Making ICT a social equaliser;
  • Developing the potential for a smart workforce – Investing in people and nurturing their abilities;
  • Putting the ‘e’ in everything – Using IST for better quality of life;
  • Re-inventing Government – Transforming public service delivery and enhancing governance;
  • Taking care of e-Business – Creating wealth through ICT;
  • Developing a world-leading ICT industry – Making ICT a pillar of the economy.

For each identified stream, the strategy establishes qualitative and quantitative targets for 2010 and a range of related actions and initiatives to be taken.

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