Multiservices Counter (Balcão Multiserviços)

Published on: 05/07/2012

The Multiservice Desk (BMS) is a service (single desk) that puts together the delivery of several services from different entities. With a single queue number, the citizen can solve several problems at once, in a convenient and timely way. The BMS is present in most of the Citizen Stores and in several municipal points of service.

The Multiservice Desk (BMS) was created by December 17th 2007, at the Odivelas Citizen Store, to deliver a multifunctional and generalist service, with a reduced level of specialization.
The BMS is the natural evolution of the PAC (Points of Citizen Service), that combine Central and Local Administration services, aggregating even more services and partners according to the specificities of each locality.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

Some of the entities that partner with BMS are, among others, various City Halls, the Regional Health Services Administration, the Institute for the Mobility and Terrestrial Transportation (IMTT), the Social Security Institute (ISS), the Directorate-General for Social Protection of the Employees and Agents of the Public Administration (ADSE) and the General Retirement Bank (CGA).

From 2010 on, the BMS also started to encourage the use of electronic services. The desks were equipped with two screens, one for the staff and other for the citizen, and of smart card readers, allowing for growing service transparency and offer, but also to demonstrate to the citizen how to use the online services.

Lessons learnt

The Following actions should be

It is currently devised that, up to the end of 2012, all PACs (Points of Citizen Service) will be replaced by a Multiservice Desk, offering more services to the citizen and better conditions to the employees that offer them, creating a national network of about 120 Multiservice Desk.

Scope: Local (city or municipality), National, Regional (sub-national)