NCTS Implementation - Upgrade of the National Transit Application (NCTS)

Published on: 20/06/2008
One of the e-Customs projects, with the goal to achieve full compatibility and interoperability of the Croatian Customs with EU IT systems, is the New Computerised Transit System – "NCTS Implementation - Upgrade of the National Transit Application - Software development". The purpose of this project is to assist the Croatian Customs Administration to set up Community Transit that conforms business structures and to prepare for the implementation of an NCTS-compatible automated transit system, based on the MCC (Minimal Common Core). It has been decided that the existing transit application system will be upgraded to an NCTS-compatible system. The project is consisted of two commponents: Twinning project and Software development. This project is being implemented jointly by the administration of Croatia (Customs Administration of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Croatia, Customs Directorate) and the administration of Austria (Agency for European Integration and Economic Development at Federal Ministry of Finance – Customs Administration).

Policy Context

Customs Act (1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2005) Decree implementing the Customs Act (2003, 2006) Decree on forms for implementation of Customs Act (1999) Decree on conditions and procedures for exercising duty free treatment (2003)

Description of target users and groups

Officials from Croatian Customs Directorate and Customs Main Houses IT managers and developers

Description of the way to implement the initiative

1. Administrative capacity building for NCTS implementation - SWOT analysis (Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities/Threats), - Providing advice in legal drafting, if necessary, to complete the legal framework for implementation of Community transit-compatible transit procedures, - Assistance to the Customs Directorate in setting up stable and sufficient administrative capacity in the area of Community transit, -Training programmes and provide training on required implementation steps for Community transit, including trade awareness - Study tours and internships 2. Preparing the development of NCTS-compatible automated transit system - Assistance in setting up and defining a Business Change Management Plan (BSMP) - Preparatory work for the implementation of the MCC - Project Initiation Document, including Project Plan - Hardware specifications - Functional specifications of the trader module

Technology solution

Technology choice: Standards-based technology

Main results, benefits and impacts

To strengthen and modernize the Croatian Customs Administration as a core public finance institution with a view of implementing new customs legislation and procedures fully aligned with the acquis communautaire. To enhance administrative capacity of the Customs Directorate to implement (new) legal provisions and procedures in the field of Community transit.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Lesson 1 - The twinning project ensured the best adoption of the EU standards and the best practices in the field of the transit system development. Croatian experts had the possibility to work together with the Austrian experts at their working places on really cases and supported them during the daily work. Lesson 2 - One of the components of the project provided practical assistance and knowledge transfer to the Customs managers (Assistant DG for System and procedures, Head of Department for Customs Procedures, NCTS Manager, National NCTS Coordinator) in the area of project management methodologies and quality management assurance. This ensures a longer term capacity of Customs to sustain complex projects and manage them effectively. Lesson 3 - Adapting new technologies means carrying out procedures in a totally new way - intensive training programmes and workshops help in overcoming fear of the new technologies. Scope: International, National