Online Car Registry

Published on: 25/03/2008
The service «Online Car Registry» allows performing the mandatory car registries online, trough a web site, with no need to go to any public service. In Portugal whenever a vehicle is sold it is mandatory to ask for the registry in the new owner with 60 days. With this service this registries are now entirely done trough the net in

Policy Context

This case is part of a much larger program of red tape reducing, by the elimination of administrative burdens – The SIMPLEX ( – and aims the promotion of the use of new technologies, purpose pursuit by the PLANO TECNOLÓGICO ( , a program of the XVII Portuguese Government. These programs integrate themselves in the European Policies in this area.

Description of target users and groups

Citizens who own cars and enterprises in cars’ selling business

Main results, benefits and impacts

Performing the registry trough internet is 50% cheaper than the regular way, which implies going to the register office or send the request form and documents by mail. This service will allow great savings among citizens and companies. Numbers are expected soon.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

The first lesson must be that a project can be money saving to the administration and to the companies as well. In fact, in spite of the registry being cheaper, the more efficient way of using human and technical resources means a great deal of saving to public administration. Second, egov and new information technologies can be a add value to the efficiency of the public registries. Use of information technologies can improve the efficiency of communications between public services and citizens and companies. Scope: National