Real estate tax e-administration in Riga (RETA RIGA)

Published on: 23/05/2007
The launch of e-services in 2002 ranked among the priorities of the Riga municipality. One of the tasks was to upgrade the process of collecting and administering the real estate tax in the local government, as well as its integration with the Land Registry. As a result of the process upgrade, now residents can receive tax payment statements in electronic form and check the balance of their tax-payer’s account. The number of documents to be submitted to the Land registry has also decreased dramatically.

Policy Context

This project will provide better public services, quality and availability to everyone through the use of ICT, according to the third priority of i2010.

Description of target users and groups

Real estate owners in Riga city, real estate agents and entrepreneurs.

Main results, benefits and impacts

As experience accumulates and new services are introduced, the relatively high costs of launching e-services decrease significantly. Based on an agreement between Riga’s local government and the Land Registry, a direct link has been established between the two institutions to ensure online data exchange. Since March 2007, the Land Registry lodged 655 requests regarding real estate tax payments. In 266 cases Riga City Council answered positively, and the residents were not asked to submit any additional documents. According to the agreement, Riga local government staff has free access to the Riga City Land Registry. This year Riga local government staff took this opportunity 25, 000 times, saving at least 50,000 EUR of tax-payers’ money.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

Further implementation of the service is planned for local governments outside Riga.

Lessons learnt

Processes related to administrative questions and contracts prevail over technological solutions. Scope: Local (city or municipality), National