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Simplex Idea Competition (Prémio Ideia Simplex)

Published on: 05/07/2012

The Simplex Idea Competition has the objective to stimulate the innovation capacity when it comes to simplification by all people exercising public functions.

The Simplex programme has enjoyed the participation of directors and employees of the public services, both through simplification proposals and in it’s concretization. The Simplex Idea Competition has precisely the objective of stimulating the capacity for innovation when it comes to simplification by all personnel in Public Services, benefiting from their professional experience and proximity to the final customers.
Therefore, everyone in public office can present proposals, so that, later on, the best idea of legislative or administrative certification is chosen. All ideas that intend to reduce the administrative burden for the citizen and/or enterprises or that simplify the procedures at the central and local administrations are accepted in the competition.
There are two kinds of prizes: one is attributed by the Jury after evaluating each one of the proposals according to the pre-defined criteria, and the second prize, which is attributed by the citizens, through online public polling.

Policy Context

All employees exercising public office at the Central, Regional or Local administration are eligible to participate in the Idea Simplex Prize, individually or as a group, independently of the modality of legal employment link they have established for the exercise of their functions.

The candidatures are formalized in a digital format, and according to instructions announced at published time. After accepting these, the jury proceed to the evaluation, considering the level of innovation proposed, its feasibility, its impact on reducing the administrative burden or the contribution for the efficiency of the administration, finally selecting the best ones and integrating them in a list of finalists that is open to the public for voting.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

The jury selects the three best ideas out of the finalists list, and award them the following prizes:

First Prize – 2.500,00€ (Two thousand and five hundred Euros);

Second Prize – 1.500,00€ (One thousand and five hundred Euros);

Third Prize – 1.000,00€ (One thousand Euros);

Beyond the jury’s choice, the there’s also the award that is given by the citizens. The Finalists List is submitted to public polling online. The idea that gets more votes from the public is awarded with 2.500,00€ (Two thousand and five hundred Euros). On the event that any idea selected by the jury coincides with the idea selected by the citizens, it will be awarded only with the highest value prize.

Technology solution

Technology choice: Proprietary technology

Lessons learnt

As a recommendation we suggest that the partnership with the private sector is maintained to guarantee the evaluation of the proposed measures in a different perspective as of the Public Administration agents. On the other hand, the attribution of a prize and the possibility that the workers can contribute to the administrative simplification through the presentation of their ideas, constitute paramount factors for motivation and involvement of the employees.

Scope: Local (city or municipality), National