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Simplification Programme for Exports (Simplex Exportações)

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Published on: 05/07/2012 Document Archived

This is the first simplification programme dedicated to an specific theme: the exports. The main objective is to implement measures that will contribute to the simplification of procedures making it easier to export.

Policy Context

The Simplex Exports was elaborated in close collaboration between different ministries and services of the public administration, and all the measures implemented resulted from suggestions of entrepreneurial associations and enterprises themselves. It is a open project, with space for the inclusion of new measures that are deemed convenient, including some of the previously received suggestions that couldn’t yet be implemented.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

Although the theme “exports” appear now by itself, the objective of simplifying procedures that make exports easy is not new on Simplex system.
Since 2006, tens of measures with direct impact on exports were already concluded. Just to mention some of them, the customs procedures were radically simplified by dematerializing the “Export Declaration” and several other forms, eliminating double inspections. It was also created the Single Port Window (JUP), allowing for the reduction of time for customs procedures from between 3 and 4 days to between 1 and 2 hours. The Single Port Card was also instituted and made possible to dismiss a set of different and complex authorizations that were emitted by different authorities (maritime, borders, port and container terminal).
This program continues this effort of administrative modernization for the outgoing trade.
The Simplex Exports is one of the fifty measures announced as part of the Initiative for the Competitiveness and Employment, approved in December 15th 2010.


Main results, benefits and impacts

The programme has contemplated twelve simplification measures in 2011:

  • M01 – Quicker VAT Exemption;
  • M02 – Easier export of products subject to the special tax on consumption;
  • M03 – Proof-certificate of electronic exports;
  • M04 – Extension of the deadline for the presentation of documents;
  • M05 – More accessible international trade statistics;
  • M06 – More services at the exporters desk;
  • M07 – A more transparent AICEP support;
  • M08 – Closer and simpler diplomatic information;
  • M09 – Reduction of trade barriers;
  • M10 – Information on industrial property for the exports support;
  • M11 – Easier patents register in Spain (Patent Prosecution - Iberian Highway);
  • M12 – Automatic payments in all the Regional Agriculture Directions

Composed by twelve measures by different entities, the Simplex Export Programme has ended on a 87.5% execution rate, in which nine measures were concluded in time and three others are still being executed (M01 – Quicker VAT Exemption; M02 – Easier export of products subject to the special tax on consumption; M03 – Proof-certificate of electronic exports).

Lessons learnt

Once that all the measures included on the Simplification Programme for Exports resulted from suggestions of entrepreneurial associations and enterprises themselves, it is on the interest of these enterprises to participate in the next programme, namely by the presentation of proposals and suggestions intending to simplify the administrative portion of the process.

The following actions should be

Given the relevance of the issue for the national economy in the current economic context, a new simplification agenda dedicated to the Exports shall be launched in 2012.

The creation of a workgroup composed by organizations of the Central Public Administration is scheduled to be created, and others, such as the Institute for the Support of Small and Medium Enterprises and of Innovation (IAPMEI) or the General-Direction of Economic Activities (DEGAE), will also be part of it. This workgroup will identify the opportunities for improvement of the sector, originating a new combined effort when it comes to simplification projects. It will be AMA job to follow and monitor the measures to include on the programme.


Scope: Cross-border, International, National