SK: eGovernment Strategy of the Slovak Republic

Published on: 26/05/2008
Last update: 16/08/2011

Description (short summary):
The eGovernment Strategy of the Slovak republic (SR) is the principal strategic document for the management of the eGovernment implementation process. The eGovernment Strategy was approved by Government Resolution No. 131/2008 at the Government's 85th session held on 27 February 2008. The Slovak Government thus confirmed its commitment under the Government Manifesto to modernise public administration through economisation and the use of ICTs. The eGovernment Strategy was prepared by the Ministry of Finance of the SR in cooperation with the Government's Office and the Government Plenipotentiary for Information Society. 

The eGovernment Strategy of the Slovak Republic defines strategic objectives and actions to be taken in order to ensure increasing public satisfaction with public administration by delivering services in an attractive and simple way, while increasing the efficiency and competence of public administration and cutting its costs. The document lays down the strategic objectives of the eGovernment implementation process and defines various actions aimed at the modernisation of public administration and the digitisation of its services. In addition, the national eGovernment Strategy defines criteria and procedures for eGovernment funding which will combine state budget funds with resources from the EU Structural Funds. 

Number of pages: 31

Nature of documentation: Policy/Strategy papers


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