SK: The National Concept of eGovernment

Published on: 30/11/2008
Last update: 23/08/2011

Description (short summary):
The National Concept of eGovernment is a strategic document drafted by the Finance Ministry, which addresses the principles for the building of eGovernment and introduction of electronic services in Slovakia. The document builds on the National eGovernment Strategy and lays down the principles, priorities and architecture of integrated information systems in public administration in order to safeguard their flawless interoperability and independence from technology platforms. The National Concept of eGovernment was approved by the Government at its 97th session held on 21 May 2008.

More specifically the document:

  • Defines the eGovernment framework for the public sector processes to be efficiently digitalised throughout the entire public administration structure;
  • Defines eGovernment principles for the activities of public administration entities implying ICT use to follow a concept resulting in the digitalisation of public sector processes and the provision of efficient public eServices;
  • Defines the architecture of integrated Public Administration Institutions (PAIS) for public administration to provide the public with all types of information, communication and transaction eServices via various access channels, and to also establish conditions for their efficient provision;
  • Describes the policy approach that PAIS administrators should apply in the development of eGovernment services in areas under their responsibility;
  • Defines a framework of priorities, which will launch the process of efficient eGovernment.

Number of pages: 57

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