State Regional Development Agency

Published on: 08/07/2010
The State Regional Development Agency (SRDA) is a national regulatory authority promoting regional development. SRDA is managing the programmes of state support and the activities of the European Union Structural Funds and has become an important player in promoting regional development. The SRDA cooperates with state authorities, local municipalities, planning regions and other partners involved in the processes of regional development in order to promote and coordinate regional development and contribute to achieving the common goals.   Since June 1, 2009 the SRDA is in charge of the functions of the former Secretariat of the Special Assignments Minister for Electronic Government Affairs, and thus it is now responsible for implementation of the eProcurements and the eServices.   In the EU structural funds planning period 2004-2006 the services, which are accessible in the joint state and municipal eServices portal, were electrolyzed in cooperation with the state and the municipal institutions.   Expectations: Provide shared components and tools for state and municipal eService development Provide standardized interoperability platform based on open (interoperable) standards (common platform for creating the eServices) Provide standardized open interfaces and provide interoperability asset register and Repository

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