Tax Recipients Online (VESA)

Published on: 10/06/2009

VESA is a powerful online info eService for the Finnish tax recipients. In Finland taxes are collected and monthly paid to different recipient groups:

  • The state
  • Municipalities (348 in 2009)
  • Social Security Institution
  • Churches (353 in 2009)
  • Forest Management Associations (114 in 2009)

All these groups need information on the amount of tax revenues as early and punctually as possible in order to estimate their budget. Before VESA eService all detail information has been printed and sent by post.

The online service allows, for example, the tax recipients to examine the yearly trends in their own group's share or the remitted amounts in the last periodic remittance accounting by tax year and by tax category. With the help of the service one can also find data on taxation costs starting from the total amount to the costs of an individual tax recipient.

Policy Context

On national level Tax Recipients Online helps us to implement the national productivity plan. In addition, since almost 2,000 workers will retire in the next few years, it is necessary that we find effective ways of reducing routine work.

Description of target users and groups

Main target group is Tax recipients, but the service is not restricted only for the use of the tax recipients, it is available for all. Thus it can be utilised not only by the media but also by individual taxpayers.

Taxes in Finland, collected from citizens and businesses, are remitted to tax recipients according to their share of the tax revenues.

The amount of the tax revenues can vary significantly during the year. The increased demand for more accurate and on-time financial information has led to significant increase in enquiries over the phone.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

Supplier (Tieto Finland) joined as project leaders' board to monthly check up & decision making.

Early in the proto phase of the project we conducted a usability test on a tax recipient target group. The results were taken into planning and some adjustments were made right away while still in the planning phase.

From the beginning of the Tax Recipient Online we've used the customer feedback to provide us with important information on customer satisfaction with the usability of TCO. Constant evaluation of the service is the key to high quality using experience.

Technology solution

MOSS combining data in different standard formats and in-house systems.

Technology choice: Standards-based technology, Accessibility-compliant (minimum WAI AA)

Main results, benefits and impacts

Better service, accurate and online for tax recipients.

Less routine work in Tax Administration; more time for more demanding tasks.

Higher productivity for salary euros in public sector financing.

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Lessons learnt

Listen to the customer and improve the eService further

How to combine old and new solutions (IT technologies) to serve as one

Tear down old barriers - why not!

Scope: Local (city or municipality), National, Regional (sub-national)