Web portal of the Government of the Republic of Croatia (VRH portal)

Published on: 11/06/2007
Croatian government launched in April of this year new official web portal packed with features, multimedia content, web applications and technologies which all makes this web portal the most advanced solution in the sector of public administration. Implemented with user oriented structure and design, this portal represents first step toward new user-oriented web solutions from public administration in Croatia. Solution is based on open source.

Policy Context

Policy frameworks: Central State Office for e-Croatia: Open Source Software Pollicy (2006.) Central State Office for e-Croatia: e-Croatia 2007 Information Society Program (this document is on some parts based on EU i2010 strategy)

Description of target users and groups

General public (everyone!) is the main target group. Almost all content and services are freely accesible by everyone, registration is required for using per-user settings and personal profile configuration. Some services are restricted for media representatives, and there is one application available only to government employees.

Description of the way to implement the initiative

We outsourced web project to one of the best Croatian web studios. They provided analysis of our needs, concept of the new portal, design and programming. Multi-channel issues: No multi-channel issues

Main results, benefits and impacts

Did not have enough time to measure impact. Innovation: 1. central search index for more than 100 public administration webs (supports indexing text inside PDF and Word documents, search results based on relativity) 2. keywords and tag clould visualization of content 3. heavy use of multimedia (video, audio) - real time publishing, broadband quality 4. accesibility features (contrast, color pallete change etc) 5. for the first time appearing in Croatian public administration webs: RSS, notification system, registration and user profiles, W3C standards

Return on investment

Return on investment: Not applicable / Not available

Track record of sharing

Project is only for 2 months online, can not provide evidence of influencing others (but we are sure in time we will :)

Lessons learnt

Government should use fully professional (corporate alike) approach when developing web portals. More and more citizens surf for information on-line, and therefore government should be present Scope: National