Inaugural Interdisciplinary Conference of the Virtual Communication

Event date:
Published on: 07/12/2011

The Collaboration and Conflict (VIRT3C) Research Group of the University of Hull, United Kingdom, will organise the Inaugural Interdisciplinary Conference of the Virtual Communication on 19-20 March 2010. The plenary theme of the conference will be: "Developing the Virtual Society: Conflict in Adoption of Online Collaborative Networks".

The conference will bring together academics of all disciplines to discuss conflict in the adoption of collaborative networks. In a time of confrontation between old and new forms of communication and organisation, the conference aims to explore the emergence of conflicts in the transition from, and resistance to, horizontal participatory networks. International keynote speakers such as Gabriella Coleman, from the University of New York, and Mathieu O'Neil, from Paris Sorbonne - Paris IV, will present their points of view to the audience.

Presentations will mostly deal with network theory, P2P and Free and open source software (Floss) methodology adoption, Floss methodology, open source conflicts and forking, adoption by NGOs and the developing world, adoption by social movements, hacktivism, cyberconflict, institutional resistance to networks, and online P2P places and conflicts.


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