Major Cities of Europe Annual Conference 2019 - Venice - June 13 and 14, 2019

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Published on: 05/04/2019

The MCE annual conference 2019 will take place in Venice on June 13 and 14, 2019. The Municipality of Venice and Major Cities of Europe are organising the conference in partnership with Venis S.p.A. ( and the Ca’ Foscari University ( ), that will host the conference at its Economic Campus.

About Major Cities of Europe

For more than 35 years, Major Cities of Europe ( has been engaged in promoting the exchange of experiences among cities about their digital transformation and innovation initiatives. Major Cities of Europe is a non-profit and independent organisation of CIO’s, IT Managers, Smart City leaders, Heads of Departments and Policy Makers of Local Governments. It also includes Universities and other public organisations. More information at MCE value proposition.

What makes our annual conference different?

Our most recent annual conferences were hosted by the cities of Leipzig, Zagreb, Florence, Hamburg, Zurich, Ljubljana, Vienna, Prato and Berlin. More than three hundred delegates from Europe and further afield join each year with significant participation from the hosting country. All our conferences received unanimously excellent feedbacks from the delegates about the quality of the speakers and interest of the topics discussed during round tables and world café sessions, but moreover the openness of the discussions was appreciated as they focused not only on success stories but also on issues and challenges: the delegates like to hear the truth not the spin.

About the 2019 Conference in Venice

The conference is about Channeling Change by Digital Cities. It offers the opportunity to explore and discover how change is being implemented across Local Governments and and discuss how further progress can be achieved. These are the main topics planned for the sessions of the conference:

  • – Cities as service hubs: Citizen at the centre – Local governments become integrated service providers and partner to provide citizens services with other local public and private players.
  • – New and Emerging Technologies: How to ensure that innovative technologies add value to the lives of the citizens? How to leverage Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and other emerging technologies?
  • – The Moral Maze: How local governments ensure that the use of technology is ethical and that citizens’ participative initiatives through social media are managed in an ethical and protected way?
  • – Troubled Projects – Good Procurement: How procurement decisions are taken and how solutions or technologies are selected to be the right foundations? How to manage troubled projects? How to take the right decisions and to persuade the organisation?
  • – Changing roles, change management and digital transformation: How to face the dangerous chasm between the existing managerial and professional skills and the new required skills and abilities.


Why to participate?

The independent and non-commercial environment of this pan-European event represents a unique opportunity for participants to engage with their peers. Thanks to the friendly and open atmosphere, the conference will offer an excellent opportunity to engage in informal discussions, to share ideas, initiatives, experiences and learn from each other.

The conference language is English – simultaneous translation into Italian is provided at the plenary sessions. For further information please contact us at the Conference Hotline: Ms. Irmgard Kollmann Tel: +43-1-7189476-0

We hope that we will have the pleasure of welcoming you and your organisation to the conference.


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THe current programme for the conferenc eis available at:

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Venice - Università Ca' Foscari

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