NL - iBestuur Congress (iBC) 2012


The iBestuur Congress (eBC) 2012, the successor to the Digital Management Congress 2011, the annual event for and by the e-and i-government. Managers, decision makers and experts and share knowledge (s).

The 2012 eBC is characterized by a wide range of speakers and tracks. All major strategic themes of the moment are discussed in various forms. Ambitions, visions, strategies and practices of yesterday, today,tomorrow. Of course, all speakers of the plenary day present to you personally and to talk to. As a visitor you determine your own route through the studios. Or use just (re) pass through the things and people youencounter along the way. eBC 2012 is surprisingly different and impressive to date.
  An impression of the 2011 edition: "For the record, in the studios of the e-government"



Expected Participants:


Managers, decision makers, partners and experts in and around the e-government landscape and i get apersonal invitation. 


Physical location
The iBestuur Congress will be held on January 26, 2012 at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht.