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Poland’s eID solutions pass conformity tests


Poland’s central IT system for authenticating and identifying users of online public services passed the European Commission’s conformance tests that took place in September. The test checks for compliance with technical specifications, helping European Union Member States transpose the eIDAS regulation on eID and related electronic services.

According to Poland’s Ministry of Digitisation, Poland is now the tenth Member State that has passed these EC conformance tests.

The country’s centrally managed eIDAS node will soon be linking many online public services, including the Emp@tia social services platform, the national health fund’s ZIP NFZ patient information portal, and the CEIDG business registration portal. Once the services are correctly hooked into the eIDAS node, users can access any eIDAS-compliant public service using any eIDAS-compliant login.

Starting from September next year Polish citizens will also be able to use their Polish eIDAS logins to access services in other Member States. This will let citizens manage their official affairs in other EU countries without having to leave Poland, and from their own homes.

Poland’s eIDAS node was built by the Research and Academic Computer Network (NASK), part of the Ministry of Digitisation, and the Institute of Mathematical Machines. It is based on the EC’s own sample implementation.

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