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Austria state secretary promotes open data

Published on: 27/03/2017

The State Secretary at Austria’s Federal Chancellery, Muna Duzdar, is encouraging the making available of government data as open data. “The administration must set an example and support the open data culture by giving society its data back”, the State Secretary for Digitalisation said in a statement.

Open Data Day 2017 - Vienna City Walk (photo made by  State Secretary at Austria’s Federal Chancellery, Muna Duzdar

On open data day (4 March), the State Secretary took part in a Vienna city walk, where open data on art, culture, sports and leisure is combined with maps.

In her statement, Duzdar pointed to a recently revised government programme, which stipulated that public administrations should make all data available as open data by 2020. As a first step, she added, by October this year all federal government data will be checked to see if it is suitable to be made public.

The Vienna city walk is an impressive illustration of the practical use of open data, said Digital Austria, the country’s eGovernment resource department, in a statement.

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