Austria updates eGovernment s…

Austria updates eGovernment services catalogue

Published on: 18/09/2015

The government of Austria has published an update of Elkat, a catalogue that classifies public administration eGovernment services and interfaces. Standardising and naming eServices and defining of Internet application interfaces is a prerequisite for the interchange of eGovernment services.

The new version brings some minor modifications, says Dominik Klauser, an IT expert working for the Federal Chancellery of Austria. “The update introduces new data fields - PPQCrossBorder and PPQEstablishment - and changes two existing ones - PSDCrossBorder and PSDEstablishment.”

The update is needed for the transposing of an EC directive for the recognition of professional qualifications. The directive aims to help make the European labour market more flexible, by encouraging the automatic recognition of qualifications, simplifying administrative procedures.

A proposal to update ELKAT was published in August. No objections were received, and the update was turned into an official recommendation earlier this week.

Service description

The update to the catalogue will be made publicly available, including on the European Commission’s Joinup portal.

Austria’s ELKAT service catalogue improves the interoperability of the country’s eGovernment services. It defines and structures the various services and online portals, and defines the methods for interaction. “The exchange of service directories, of service descriptions and of forms between various government units, requires the classification of services and the definition of standardized interfaces”, the Federal Chancellery said in a letter to the federal states.

The first version of ELKAT dates from 2009. The services catalogue is one of the components of Austria’s eGovernment interoperability architecture.


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