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Austrian to streamline eGover…

Austrian to streamline eGovernment systems

Published on: 06/12/2016

Adopts ‘One-Stop-No-Stop-Prinzips’

The Austrian government intends to streamline its ICT systems to improve eGovernment services. On 2 November, the government adopted measures “which will bring significant improvements to citizens and companies", Muna Duzdar, the State Secretary for Digitalisation, said in a statement. The measures will implement the so-called “One-Stop-No-Stop-Prinzips” ( one-stop no-stop principle), giving citizens and business the right to electronic government services.

The measures are to improve automation of government services, which for citizens and companies, should result in fewer interaction with public administrations, reports the Digital Austria (Digitales Österreich) platform.

The government wants to harmonise its ICT systems, and develop a uniform process for eGovernment services.

Car rental

In addition, Austria will modernise service delivery, replacing paper-based processes by e-mail and SMS, combined with eID smart cards and mobile phones. "This is a great step towards digitalisation and government simplification", State Secretary Duzdar is quoted as saying.

The government wants to expand the possibilities of its eID card. One example would be adding driving licence information, allowing the card to be used for renting a car online. Another idea is to use the card to check the age of minors, in a way that does not reveal any other personal data.

Austria also wants to overhaul USP, its electronic business services portal. Plans include to alert companies about relevant calls for tender, and to provide an electronic mailbox.

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Announcement by the platform Digital Austria (Digitales Österreich).