Belgium, Portugal exchange eG…

Belgium, Portugal exchange eGovernment ideas

Published on: 04/02/2016

Fedict, Belgium's federal IT service agency, and AMA, Portugal’s Agency for Administrative Modernisation, are exchanging views and activities on eGovernment services. On 19 January, a Fedict delegation visited the eGov Innovation Hub in the city of Guimarães in Portugal.

The eGov Innovation Hub, started late last year - which explains why its website is still under construction. The centre is a joint-initiative by AMA, the University of Minho and the United Nations’ Operating Unit on Policy-Driven Electronic Governance’, itself based in Guimarães since July 2014.

According to AMA, Fedict is considering starting a similar eGov innovation centre in Belgium. “The Portuguese example motivates international partners”, AMA writes.

Fedict then visited two Espaço do Cidadão (Citizen Spaces), in Guimarães and the neighbouring city of Braga. AMA writes that Fedict is also considering developing similar eGovernment service stations.


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