Bulgaria reports eGovernment…

Bulgaria reports eGovernment progress

Published on: 06/01/2016
ICT Ministry also announces deadlines for funding of eGovernment projects

The Bulgarian government is making good progress in offering electronic government services. The country’s Ministry for ICT in December reported on progress in providing online validation of documents, and making these documents available online.

According to the report, the Ministry is catching up on delays, and expects to complete the project within 11 months, instead of 18 as expected earlier. The ICT Ministry also reports making progress in a project to link government information systems, and to provide access to state registries.

The announcement refers to six projects that are co-financed by the European Social Fund. These include projects on eInvoicing, data centre management and the egov.bg eGovernment services platform. This portal is Bulgaria’s Point of Single Contact - that aims to help business set up services.

Connecting Europe

In December, the ministry also announced the deadlines in January and March for the funding of cross-border eGovernment projects on eInvoicing, eHealth and eProcurement. In total, the Ministry has EUR 55.6 million for these projects, including EUR 7 million for the project on eInvoicing. Another EUR 16.9 million is earmarked for projects related to new or improved services for eProcurement and eHealth. The aim of the later is to make health records available across borders, including ePrescriptions.

The Ministry is inviting consortia of European companies to submit bids.


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