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Bulgaria urges need for gover…

Bulgaria urges need for government digitisation

Published on: 26/09/2017
Last update: 14/02/2018

Bulgaria’s state eGovernment agency SEGA (Държавната агенция „Електронно управление“ ДАЕУ) is pressing the country’s public sector to modernise and digitise their services. Next year, SEGA is launching a one-stop service for public services that need authentication, authorisation and electronic payments. In addition, the agency will provision cloud services for municipalities.

According to SEGA, a major obstacle to the use of eGovernment services is that government IT systems are not linked. When services do not use central registers and databases, citizens and businesses are required to provide information that is already known to other public-sector organisations. Linking to central registers and databases should be a priority, SEGA says.

The eGovernment organisation is urging public services to use Bulgaria’s interconnected base registers, RegiX (Registry Information eXchange system). Already, eight central government registries can be accessed using RegiX, and SEGA hopes to add others soon, to remove paper-based processes involving the land registry, tax administration and other services.

“In 2018, RegiX should be a common component for all administrations”, SEGA quotes its chairman Rossen Jeliazkov as saying.

In a statement published earlier this month, the agency reiterated the importance of the planned overhaul of the main central databases and registers that it had announced in the summer.

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