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CH: eGovernment action plan - First phase ready to launch

Published on: 14/05/2012

At its session of 5 April 2012, the Steering Committee also took stock of progress in the implementation of the Swiss eGovernment Strategy which is well on the way; the Steering Committee acknowledged two new priority projects (listed in the catalogue of priority projects of the Strategy) as 'implemented'. These are: 

  1. Execution of customs formalities (import, export and transit): All customs declarations must be made online, regardless of the type of goods and destinations - Lead agency: Federal Customs Administration (AFD);
  2. Services aimed at allowing the processing of electronic documents: Open eGov, the information and exchange platform for eGovernment services - Lead agency: Federal Justice Office (OFJ). 

Moreover, three new projects were also added to the catalogue on this occasion namely: 

  1. Swiss ePolice: harmonisation of the IT infrastructure of police bodies;
  2. National map of Swiss eGovernment: a geographical map providing an overview of all eGovernment services for citizens and businesses in Switzerland; and
  3. Open government data: creation of open government databases. 

The renewed framework agreement regulating the cooperation between the Swiss Confederation, cantons and municipalities in the field of eGovernment for the years 2007-2015 has been in force since 1 January 2012. The eGovernment action plan is a key element of the framework agreement that is aimed at boosting the implementation of the Strategy. 

The action plan lays down short-, middle- and long-term actions in the frame of several priority projects. Such projects are funded by means of yearly contributions of up to CHF2.4 million (approx. €2 million), provided jointly by the Swiss Confederation and the cantons. The dispatch of funds for 2012 and the action plan implementation concept for 2012-2015 were submitted to the Steering Committee. 

The first instalment will be allocated to project leader organisations responsible for the implementation of the following projects: 

  • National map of Swiss eGovernment (new project) - Project leader organisation: IT Steering unit of the Confederation (UPIC);
  • Building permits applications - Project leader organisation: Swiss Conference of Directors of Public. Works, Planning and Environmental Protection (DTAP);
  • Arrival in / departure from a municipality, change of address notification - Project leader organisation: Swiss association of services for residents (ASCH);
  • Identification and access rights management services for accessing eGovernment - Project leader organisation: eGH Group specialised into 'Identity and access management';
  • eInvoicing and ePayments - Project leader organisation: Federal Finance Administration (AFF);
  • Procedure for filing profits and capital tax returns / income tax returns - Project leader organisation: Swiss taxation conference (CSI);
  • Lost and found objects - Project leader organisation: Swiss IT conference (CSI).

The project leader organisations worked together with the Programme Office of Swiss eGovernment to define clear goals for the aforementioned projects. Both the responsible project leader organisations and the Programme Office will ensure their follow-up, while results will be assessed by means of an audit. The actual assessment procedure is defined in the concept for the implementation of the action plan. 

The second instalment will be allocated to the implementation of other projects in June 2012. The action plan will be reviewed and updated each year (continuous planning) by the Steering Committee.


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