Contest «Open Public Data Hac…

Contest «Open Public Data Hackathon»

Published on: 03/03/2015

We use Open Data - create added value!

The Ministry of Administrative Reform and E-Governance organised in April the  "Open Public Data Hackathon", inviting scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, civil servants, students, pupils, to participate for the first time in a public bidding process data. The participants have the opportunity to reuse open public data is collected and available online at , to develop innovative applications and value added services, contributing to the production and transfer of new gnosis.Giati free access and exploitation of public information can enhance innovation and epicheirimatikotita.Giati open public data creates a new relationship citizen - state.

Transforming Information into Business

This is the message of the contest "Open Public Data Hackathon",  which aims to attract widespread interest and broad participation of citizens, to stimulate innovation and creativity and an open public dedomena.Prokeitai for an open call to all in order to actively participate and support actions and initiatives that effectively enhance the openness, cooperation, the emergence of new ideas and scientific achievements, awareness, and optimal use of the New Technologie initiative implemented with the kind support and cooperation the Higher School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (, ). Also, the action supported by the Harokopion University ( ) and non-profit Company Free Software - Open Source Software (STP / OSS, ) .The weekend 26-27 April 2014, the University Harokopion will be a meeting place for those participants interested in working in developing digital applications. The meeting will be held in the building of the Department of Informatics and Telematics Harokopio University (Homer 9 - Taurus, Taurus near Metro,  ). Participation in the meeting is optional.



City/Location: Greece