Cyprus to boost number of ICT…

Cyprus to boost number of ICT professionals

Published on: 29/11/2015
Join’s EU’s ‘Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs’

An alliance of 80 Cypriot public institutions, trade groups, ICT companies and NGOs hopes to boost the number of ICT professionals in the country. The group will help carry out an action plan to fill an increasing number of ICT job-vacancies. In November, Cyprus and 12 other Member States joined the EC’s ‘Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs’.

According to EC estimates there could be up to 825,000 unfilled vacancies for ICT professionals by 2020. “In the near future 90% of jobs - in careers such as engineering, accountancy, nursing, medicine, art, architecture, and many more - will require some level of digital skills. At the end of the day every citizen needs to have at least basic digital skills in order to live, work, learn and participate in society.”

The newly formed alliance hopes “to foster common values ​​among stakeholders, achieve synergies and partnerships to create an attractive environment that will increase ICT employment, especially among young people, and ensure digital literacy for all”, the group explains on its website.

The Cypriot alliance will take cues from the Cyprus Productivity Centre. This centre is researching the gap between supply and demand of ICT skill on the island, and maps the gaps between teaching and demand for ICT skills.


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