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Czech Republic to use eIDAS f…

Czech Republic to use eIDAS for eID overhaul

Published on: 28/07/2017

The Czech Republic is planning to use its base register to makeover the country’s eID system, to comply with Europe’s eID rules (eIDAS). The Ministry of the Interior announced this would allow citizens to communication electronically with public administrations from next year.

The government plans to launch the new eID system in August 2018.

“Data from the base registry of citizens will soon become the basis for an electronic identity, with which citizens will be able to communicate with authorities in electronic form”, the Ministry announced on 1 July. This date marks the fifth anniversary of the country’s base registry system.

The ministry quoted Michal Pešek, director of the Basic Registers Authority, explaining that the system will be modernised to enable it to issue eID cards. Citizens can use these eID cards to access eGovernment services.

Transposing eIDAS

On 19 July, the Czech Republic’s Senate adopted a new law on electronic identification, transposing the EU’s eIDAS regulation. “The law will allow for a simple, secure and state-guaranteed way of demonstrating the user's identity on the Internet, while helping to develop and simplify the use of online public services”, the Ministry of the Interior said in a statement.

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