Denmark to accelerate governm…

Denmark to accelerate government digitisation

Sharing and reuse of ICT solutions one of main goals

Denmark’s new eGovernment strategy aims to spur the digitisation of public administration. The eGovernment Strategy 2016-2020 focusses on making printed forms or letters redundant, creating new welfare services and spurring the sharing and reuse of available public sector solutions and data.

“All public authorities are now required to use all relevant public sector solutions, to avoid developing parallel systems and to promote reuse of pertinent data. This will help to ensure that citizens experience a collaborative public sector”, announces Denmark’s Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen - DIGST).

Digitisation and improved reuse of data should result in more-coherent and effective public services, the agency writes in an announcement. Denmark wants to increase the coordination of eGovernment services across authorities.

Open standards

The existing shared solutions are to be adopted by all authorities and public sector institutions where relevant, according to a presentation in English. "The public sector has a solid foundation. Many principles and methods have already been developed by different authorities and can be reused and disseminated to more authorities."

The strategy, an agreement involving the government, regions and municipalities, was announced on 12 May. It includes 33 initiatives, which among other things deal with ease of use, reuse of data, IT architecture, growth, security and digital skills, DIGST says.


One of the main goals of the previous eGovernment Strategy, covering 2011 to 2015, was the creation of ‘Digital Post. This online service allows citizens and companies to correspond electronically with public authorities. The plan also resulted in over 100 digital self-service eGovernment solutions, and the roll-out of nationwide telemedicine and welfare technology.


More information:

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