Denmark continues its work on…

Denmark continues its work on cyber security plan

Published on: 26/09/2017

Denmark’s Ministry of Finance is to finalise Denmark’s national strategy for cyber and information security. The ministry recently took over coordination of the plans, which previously were being prepared by the Ministry of Defence. The strategy is to be presented early next year, reports Denmark’s Agency for Digitisation (Digitaliseringsstyrelsen - DIGST).

That is one year later than Denmark’s press had anticipated.

The strategy should help combat cyber threats and attacks by computer criminals.

Work on the new strategy began in December 2016. It involved ten ministries, the Centre for Cyber Security, and the national intelligence and security authority. The working group was led by the Ministry of Defence.

The government budgeted DKK 100 million (about EUR 14 million) for the new cyber and information security, DIGST wrote in an update in August.

“The forthcoming strategy for cyber and information security is an important piece of work. The government is strengthening its efforts with more money, more time and stronger coordination”, the announcement quotes Defence Minister Claus Hjort Frederiksen as saying.

“Denmark is one of the most digitised countries in the world”, DIGST explains. “That is good for citizens and businesses, but it also makes us vulnerable to cyber attacks and computer crimes, which can paralyse vital services.”

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